Corporate Accounting

Starting and Growing your European Operations

Our offices in Berlin, Dresden and Hamburg offer expert, experienced legal and financial advice in establishing, registering and operating a subsidiary in the European Union.

We help implement legal and practical business practices to cope with the international tax burden, including limiting business functions performed in the EU in order to set up transfer pricing policies that minimize your local tax burden.

Professional personnel will help you establish local banking relationships and set up local accounting and bookkeeping systems, including contract personnel, if necessary. We are also licensed to prepare income, employment and other tax returns required by local laws as well as interim and annual financial statements in accordance with North American accounting standards.

As you expand your European presence, we will help you with financial long-range planning and advice on facilities and the location of such facilities.

Perhaps most importantly, your dealings with our firm will be through its owners: You will be dealing with experience, motivated professionals like yourself at all times. Only routine accounting and tax filing issues will be delegated to professional staff in order to provide cost efficiency.

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