Mergers and Acquisitions

As a specialized firm, we act as your legal and tax due diligence provider for German targets. Our partners, lawyers and CPAs cover all areas needed for a full investigation into your acquisition target.

We assist you not only in reviewing the provided data but also in requesting crucial further information unique to the European legal and financial system, e.g. information on European subsidies, fulfillment of minimum wage requirements, real estate transfer tax issues or VAT correction payables.

Once you enter the negotiation phase, we will assist you with our valuation services and with legal counseling. With our experience in contract drafting and reviewing you can focus on the business opportunities without worrying about tax, financial or legal pitfalls.

Should you plan to finance for your acquisition project, we will provide contacts to all major financial institutions and review the resulting loan agreements.

Post-closing we will assist you in integrating your acquisition into your on-going business operations.

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