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Minimizing your European Tax and Compliance Burden

Value Added Taxes (VAT) are a European tax on goods and services delivered into Europe and between European member states. Our VAT has many similarities to the Canadian VAT and some to the US sales tax. However, the Europeans VAT’s are very different with respect to filing duties, VAT refunds, international rules and penalties. We help US and Canadian firms navigate through the European VAT jungle by offering full VAT services in Germany and cooperating with select legal and accounting firms all over Europe in regards of their respective individual VAT law.

U. S. taxpayers that export products can substantially minimize the U. S. tax burden on income from qualified export sales up to $10 million per year with the use of an Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation “ICDISC”. This is a simple, paperwork corporation with powerful tax deferral benefits. We are prepared to discuss this opportunity with your U. S. tax advisors. We are also prepared to assist with the implementation of an operating “ICDISC” if conditions warrant.

We will assist you with the complexities of dealing with tax and legal issues associated with local and national employment laws and regulations. If you employ EU citizens in your North American operations we will assist you with issues associated with visa’s, advising employees with income tax filing requirements and green card considerations.

We will also keep you informed about actual local tax credits, e.g. R&D subsidies or green energy subsidies.

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