Real Estate

Real Estate is a complex issue. We deal with two parts:

  • Real Estate in Canada
  • Real Estate in Euope

Real Estate in (Atlantic) Canada

We have handled several real estate transactions for Non-Canadians in Canada. This does not allow us to hanlde the legal work in Canada directly, but we are able to provide full insight into the obstacles and questions arising when buying property in Canada.

We will also be able to help with service providers in Canada and to identify legal and practical issues around owning real estate in Atlantic Canada.

Real Estate in Europe (Germany)

Owning German property or a German company not only requires administrative efforts to manage these assets but includes risks in the unforeseeable case of death. Special regulations in German inheritance law might lead to ineffective wills or to a redistribution of values. This can also trigger questions to optimize potential inheritance taxes in European jurisdictions.

But Real Estate also triggers real estate taxes an, if held in a subsidiaray company, real estate transfer taxes which you need to be aware of ahead of any transaction, even if this transaction does not take place within Germany.

Being a full service provider for legal and tax work, we are able to assist you with all relevant tasks. We can assist you in managing your property and keeping in touch with tenants or other shareholders. If you ask for services that are not within our scope, we will refer you to an English speaking professional within that special field of work (e.g. labor law).

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